Beautiful jewellery inspired by the welsh coastline.

Seaglass Rings

All seaglass is hand picked by myself off local welsh beaches, shaped... 

Sterling silver rings

Sterling silver rings, either made to measure or adjustable, your choice! 

A bit about Harbour Jewellery

Hi and welcome to Harbour Jewellery. My name is Nicola and I design and make my own jewellery.

Each piece is designed with the beach and nature in mind. As a family we spend the majority of our time at the beach. I am actually worse than my children for coming home with pockets full of beach finds such as shells and seaglass.

It only seemed right that I combined my love for making jewellery with the beach. The beach is our happy place, and every time I wear a piece of jewellery I have made it instantly takes me to the beach and brings me calm and peace, I hope it does that for you too.


Gifts from the ocean designed into beautiful pieces of jewellery that will forever remind you of your happy place.

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